SOLUZ architects is a young and ambitious office where creative thinking is the central theme.

Passionate and dedicated we take all the challenges in our projects. Motivated and with a little courage we try to show our client something extra.

We have years of experience in various projects from small interior projects to urban studies.

Inspiration and knowledge we get from our experiences and the things around us. We use our motivation and ambition to achieve what we want. Intuition leads us along in the process.


You can contact us for advice and studies, which we love to translate into a specific final design, followed by the preparation for building and finally we can guide the realization of the project.

We are good at living, redevelopment and interior projects. Different housing concepts have our attention and we like to do urban and differentiation studies. Our core values are to empathize with the consumer and (social) sustainability. Redevelopment could include the conversion of existing buildings, areas or urban locations. In this complex challenges we get much satisfaction from the addition of a new life to existing space. Among our interior projects we made the designs for homes, restaurants and childcare. Again, the client comes first and we always search for smart, sustainable and innovative solutions.


At first we try to listen very well to the demands of the client. Together with him we try to formulate the question more explicit. Through various approaches we get a grip on the assignment and its possibilities.

We approach all assignments as a process of creative thinking, where we continuously search for the best solutions. The solution is a perfect balance between all factors, functionality, quality, technology, sustainability, affordability and beauty.The cooperation between different parties within the design and implementation process is very important. The early integration of all disciplines and pooling the knowledge and insights will make a positive contribution to the process and the end result.During the process we try to be as flexible as possible, but we always stand for quality and our principles, ambition and energy.


Our goal is to contribute in a positive way to society and sustainable world. Therefore it is natural for us is that sustainability plays in all projects and at all levels an integral role. Sustainability is in our opinion, besides creative thinking also mainly positive thinking. Durable, dream, dare, think and do!


During my studies, I discovered my passion for design and architecture. Curious and passionate, I complement my studies with a number of valuable experiences abroad. In recent years I have worked at several architecture offices on divers and complex architectural projects.

2002-2006  Roelf Steenhuis architects  (since 2005 Steenhuis Bukman architects)

2006  Claus en Kaan architects

2007-2010  Hendriks Schulten architects (since 2011 Locus Architects)

With a little courage and ambition, I started SOLUZ architects at the end of 2010.

As a designer I have knowledge and experience, I am creative, curious, technical, social and full of passion. As a sportswoman I am competitive, driven and I can motivate and work together. As an businesswoman, I know what I want, I'm flexible, strong in organization and ambitious.

With SOLUZ I look forward to a future with beautiful projects, creativity and valuable collaborations.

Keizersgracht 452

1016 GD Amsterdam


T[mobile]+31 (0)614264243